OOC History

In 1957, the three founders of Official Offset Corp. (OOC) left the Long Island print shop where they worked to begin their own business venture. Frank A. Kearney, Bill McGarvey, and Arthur Morgan set up shop in Mineola, originally sharing their facilities with Stamford Printing. Soon after, they moved into their own larger space to accommodate their prosperous workflow. This quick move foreshadowed a successful future, as this once fledgling partnership has since transformed into a Long Island legacy.

Originally, OOC primarily produced and printed government proposals and technical documents. With the nation’s defense budget dominating much of the island’s workforce, the company moved to Farmingdale in 1968 at the peak of this booming market. During this time, the company worked closely with Fairchild-Republic during the creation of the B-58 Hustler and with Northrop Grumman as the aerospace giant developed – and printed – test manuals and procedures for Apollo 11’s lunar module. Because of this, OOC is proud to have been instrumental in producing the first operational supersonic jet and putting the first man on the moon.

The first of the two defining shifts in OOC’s history occurred in 1978 when Ben Paulino purchased the company from the last of the original three owners. With his acquisition and subsequent presidency, Mr. Paulino increased the company’s in-house capabilities by purchasing their first two-color printing press in 1980. Four years later they made their final move to Amityville to accommodate their expanding staff, technology, and services.

Around this time, the national defense budget rapidly decreased and under Mr. Paulino’s leadership, the company made their second crucial shift. They began welcoming more projects from commercial services such as local credit unions, banks, colleges, and hospitals. The precision and accuracy that their technical work of the past required, and along with their ability to work with tough schedules and budgets, provided OOC with a unique perspective and skillset in the commercial printing industry. Now, they work almost entirely with commercial services.

In 1997, OOC brought four-color printing in-house. Their newest services include large-format printing with the assistance of their partners, as well as proudly supporting both digital and print outlets with the addition of their OCE 665 Digital Color Printer in 2009.Their clientele spans the island from the Bethpage Golf Course and the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, to the Jones Beach Air Show, several park departments, and printing the work of local artists.

At the core of OOC’s past and future is their philanthropic connection to the community that they have enjoyed serving for decades. Stemming from values of hard work, honesty, and fairness, the company has vigorously practiced “doing the right thing where you are.” This includes donating to various charities such as Tomorrow’s Children Fund, with their efforts to build a children’s cancer hospital in Hackensack, N.J.; and with United Way, to whom OOC’s employees collectively donate a percentage of their paycheck. The company also has close charitable ties with the Long Island Museum, Telecare, and the American Cancer Society where Ben serves as a board member.

Ben Paulino has served as President of Official Offset Corp. for the past 38 years. His wife Mary Paulino has served as Treasurer for over 30 years. Their son Frank Paulino has been Vice President for over 20 years and their daughter Philene Abraham has worked as a production manager and graphic artist for over 20 years. They work alongside each other every day under the motto, “Don’t wish it, just do it and do it right.”

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